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For The First Time, Sea-Aged Wines Are Available In The United States


For the first time, sea-aged wines are being exported to and sold legally in the United States.

A happy accident led to the founding of Adriatic Shell/Wine of the Sea company.

Marko Dusevic, who owns an oyster farm off the coast of Croatia, had a friend who was a winemaker visit him. “He brought me some very good wines, and it was the end of the summer, and I had some bottles left,” Dusevic says. “I didn’t want to leave them in my (summer) home, where somebody could break in because the house is in the wilderness. So, I put them in some oyster bags in the sea, and I forgot about them.”

“A year later, I found the bottles, and they were looking good, and I brought them to my friend,” he says. “My friend tells me ‘These wines are different.’ I said ‘What do you mean?’ He says ‘They’re not like the original wines I have in storage here at the winery.’”

Jeanette Hurt

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