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Michelle M.


Here is one of my new favorite bottles of bubbles! Untouched by Light which is literally crafted and packaged in darkness. The grapes are picked at night, the wine is aged in a 168 year old dark cellar, it’s bottled in black glass, sealed in a black foil bag—and while the producers encourage you to sip the wine after hours, preferably in the dark, I didn’t. For me and my lucky friends, it didn’t matter, it was a huge hit with an elegant effervescence that dazzled all of us! It’s a wonderful wine to serve for a fun night to spark conversation among new friends or makes a great memorable gift! The presentation rivals the quality of the wine.

Amy Lynn


Tried the Vodka straight, amazing smoothness and super light taste. Try Perun USA!

Lisa Zatko


Tried the vodka and Nocino, your salesman didn’t have to work hard. This stuff sells itself! I will keep the Nocino in mind for future gifts. Absolutely delicious, great find!!!!

Craig Paske


…nothing but blue sky and Perun Gin; from now on!

Betsy Van Schyndel


Spring into summer on a warm day with a fine glass of Rose Doux with Perun Vodka and Silver Pearl Rose. My new favorite!

South Point Aviation


I landed in Waupaca Wisconsin and through the conversation with the airplane manager, I found out that he is half Serbian. When I told him I was Croatian he was excited and had to call his mother to tell her that. An hour later, his mother and his stepfather Žarko who is from Montenegro, they stopped by and bought me Plum Brandy PERUN from Srem, Serbia.

Christel Lueck Schmidt


A bit for the creme brulee, a bit for the cook. Vanilla bourbon creme brulee, but with Perun Nocino, in place of the bourbon. Yes, please!

Jenn Tom


Untouched by Light has made it to Wisconsin! Found at Weston Wines & Spirits from a sampling event of Perun USA. Looking forward to a dark evening!

Anne Reinertson


Looking for the perfect mimosa or the smoothest vodka? Well look no further! Decadent flavors for an amazing price! My new favorite champagne and vodka: Silver Pearl and Perun Vodka!

Michelle Runke


The best way to make Christmas cookies: Locally made Perun Nocino and family. So deliciously smooth!

Kim Iversen


Looking forward to trying a new vodka, Perun USA!

Ciera Lynn Cramer


Perun Vodka, a purrfect Christmas present!

Ciera Lynn Cramer


Love Perun Vodka!

Don Westlie


Sticking with Wisconsin but trying something a little different for Friday Old Fashioned this week with Perun USA Nocino. Go get some. Amazing!

Alison Hart


Anyone who’s been to Wisconsin knows we take our drinks pretty seriously, especially the Old Fashioned. Well, I just found out you can make them with Nocino and I’m in heaven! This is my new fall favorite!

Emma Louise Thompson


The honey liqueur makes the best Moscow Mule I’ve ever had. It’s so smooth and delicious!

Ana Vang


Taste tested Nocino Perun from the Weston Wine and Spirit! It’s pretty awesome!!

Eileen Deely Michels


A delicious G&T with Perun Gin and Elderflower Tonic… the fruit is surrounding a big ice sphere… Fun times!

Brady Bowers


Hands down best Vodka I’ve tasted ever, I mean Ever!!!

Fry Matlock


Perun Nocino apple walnut brandy Old Fashioned Sours on a Sunday with my baby!

Bill Zimmermann


It’s great evening for a Perun Gin & Tonic!

Lindsey Nowatske Achterberg


Amazing Old Fashioned – Maker’s Mark and Nocino are a perfect pair!

Joe Kulesza


Had a sample of their Vodka from the local store today and ended up picking up a bottle. It is a very smooth Vodka that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Daniele VanSweden Walters


Met Zarko yesterday at our Festival food location at Darboy (Appleton). Amazing Old Fashioned with Nocino. The added orange slice and cherry is a must!

Shandra Molin Stevenson


Excellent vodka! Best I’ve had in a long while!

Anna Wheeler


Tried the Nocino in an Old Fashioned. We loved it!

Tiffany Blohm Lathrop


Just picked Nocino up today. All I can say is amazing!! Use as an Old Fashioned or just with sprite, anyway it’s perfect!

Brian Sonnleitner


After years of trying to make the perfect Old Fashioned at home, finally found the secret ingredient. Won’t make another without Perun Nocino!

Alexandra Wirth


Delicious Nocino! Can’t wait to use it in my drinks and give it as a gift! Great quality for a great price!

Bill Zimmermann


Not feeling the heat for summer G&T’s. Perun Vodka Dirty Martini works with a hint of Fall in the air.

Scott Koerwitz


Nocino is excellent! Tried for the first time.

Deitz Baker-Yanke


Very smooth and delightful Perun USA.

Tiana Silva


I tried the Vodka, Nocino and the Honey Liqueur and they are delicious! And perfect for a gift as well. Will be a continuing customer for sure.

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